Hyperbaric Tunneling Support

Compressed air work requires more than just providing staff. The demands placed on staff and technology when working in hyperbaric conditions are increasing, and planning and the use of materials are becoming more extensive. That is why we are happy to provide our clients with the necessary support even before the start of the project.

The expertise of our employees for any work in hyperbaric conditions goes into the projects. This is how we ensure that our clients’ projects run smoothly.

Provision of Medical Chambers

For tunneling projects or for offshore operations we can offer different mobile models for rent or purchase

40′ Container
Pressure Chambers

Pressure chambers built into a 40-foot container, with up to 6 seats in the MC and an additional 2 seats in the PC, including a doctor’s room in the container (Hypermed 220).

mobile Behandlungskammern und Sättigungssysem im 20 Fuß Containter

20′ High Container
Pressure Chambers

Pressure chambers in a 20′ high container with a dedicated air supply via cylinder packs, also suitable for offshore use.

Druckkammer und Steuerelement der mobilen Behandlungskammern

Pressure Chambers
by Hydrowork

HydroWork pressure chambers with round doors in a 20′ container.

Proven Equipment

Technical Support for Decompression

We provide technical support for projects with mobile oxygen systems for safe and rapid decompression with oxygen (“MSS100” Mobile Oxygen System 100) using the latest standards and innovative technology. We provide data acquisition systems for logging and increasing the safety of individual compressed air interventions. (“CAIS” Compressed Air Intervention System).