Suction and Flushing

HydroWork GmbH

Suction and Flushing


Whether at dams, wells, weirs, contaminated waterways, or excavation pits, the technology we use can move mountains.

Flushing and Cleaning Work

Our technology can be used to set dam panels, clean sheet piles, or level the bottom of excavation pits before pouring underwater concrete.

Air Lift

The mammoth pump principle is based on the pressure equalization of corresponding liquid columns. By blowing in air, the liquid column in the rods or risers will be lightened; depending on the air content, the density will be reduced to approx. 0.3. The now heavier liquid column in the borehole or well is reduced with a density of 0.3.

The now heavier liquid column in the borehole or well with a density of approx. 1.0 pushes the liquid, which is lightened by air, upwards in the rod/riser, as it wants to compensate for the pressure difference. Since air is constantly supplied, continuous conveying occurs.

Armored Pumps

The term armored pumps stands for the demand for a highly wear-resistant pump. All series meet this requirement in a way that is far above average. Our pumps work with a so-called cutter principle. The functional principle of directing the surrounding water downwards like a jet at speed, thus whirling up sedimented material, provides the pump with further advantages. The cutter also has exceptionally high wear resistance, and solids concentrations of 30 vol.% are achieved.

Our Clients and Partners

For years and decades, these companies have placed their trust in HydroWork GmbH